God's Covenance

AND God looked out upon the new firmament with its grand splendor of swirling bodies and knew that its sheer size would be daunting to all that would try to penetrate its mysteries. God knew that only with a true commitment to seek the truth in all things that a fellowship could be formed to discover the secrets of the universe, and so God made a covenant with the future that would govern the behavior of those beings that would evolve to the point of self discovery, and that doors would only open if, the fellowship acted as a unifying body that would fully cooperate in truth and the well being for all the universe and not just for the greed of some. For the seeds of corruption and destruction are sown in the greedy, and only the good seeking the well being of all, are able to evolve from their evolutionary past. These are the laws that govern the Book of Life and the Fellowship of Seekers of the Truth.

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LAW 1   Do not fear the Lord, but know thy GOD Almighty the Creator of the Universe loves you and for this show respect unto the Lord that waits for your return and looks unto your salvation,

for the things that happen in this universe are of this world and not the result of God's actions, as it was determined in the beginning of creation that the laws that govern this Universe are unto themselves and only the soul is sacrosanct and will return to the maker. God is Goodness that abounds within you and all around you, so do not shout to the heavens for your salvation, or to others, when God is within you and can feel your pain and despair, and help you to heal yourself. Remember only man has need to count and control prayers! Your salvation is your responsibility only! There is only One GOD and this same is the Creator of our Universe!

LAW 2   Thou shalt not KILL!

for thy life is given unto thee to do with as thy see fit, but no one has the right to kill or molest another in any way without their freely given consent! It is your duty to defend yourself to the end, for the body is of this world and must be protected, for it is the shell that holds the soul!

LAW 3   Do not Make WAR!

God DOES NOT MAKE WAR, we human beings make war, usually for profit or ideology, so always BEWARE of those who use the pretext of War, for they usually have their own hidden motives! Not everybody agrees on all things so learn to accept others for their differences first, then work out your differences and find the middle ground both sides can accept. War is very destructive and costly in both lives and resources, so it should only be used as a last resort to protect life from complete annihilation or subjugation. In order to evolve, WAR MUST BE ABOLISHED!

LAW 4   Make LAWS equal unto all people,

and make laws unto other entities equal among other entities, that do not infringe upon or subtract from the welfare of the people.

Law 5   Equality and Cooperation is your governance,

where wealth has a limit in just proportion to the whole, and resources are shared by all. Corporations are not persons equal unto the law when they don't benefit the many, and Greed has no place in heaven! Women are Equal Unto Men in all things and should be allowed to make laws, be free of restraint, and determine their own future! All people should be allowed to determine their lives, as long as they respect the lives of others as well as their own. Cooperation by all is the determining factor for a more peaceful and evolving society!

Law 6   Evolution is not possible without change!

It is a law of nature that all living things must learn to adapt and evolve in order to survive. Survival is necessary if you are to discover the secrets of your universe. So learn to accept Evolution as the instrument that will take you to the stars and your distant relatives, for the Lord made it all possible in the beginning of creation.

LAW 7   Be Responsible in all things and care for those who are given unto you to care,

for thine is the glory of learning to take care of yourself and become responsible and then share this responsibility with others! Limit your seeds to better provide for those who live, as others sacrifice theirs to sustain the world upon which everyone lives. Protect and care for your Mother the Earth upon which you live, for she is limited in resources, and her health is your health. Look ahead and plan so that one day you will be able to travel to the stars with a deeper respect for all things you encounter.

LAW 8   Learn to speak the Truth always,

for a lie in dire times may save a life, the truth will always triumph! Know your leaders by their actions, for a sweet promise is meant to deceive you to gain your confidence or vote. Only a truthful leader steeped in honor keeps their word as you would keep yours.

LAW 9   Do not Cheat or Steal nor cast envious eyes upon things that do not belong to you!

For envy can make you bitter and resentful, and cause you to hate and steal, so learn to earn your daily bread and don't cheat yourself and others will respect and admire you.

LAW 10   Do not Bear False Witness!

What does it profit a person to cheat another in this life and lose your soul and salvation in the end?

LAW 11   Love and Respect thy neighbor or another as you would yourself,

but if they cannot reciprocate in kind and show proper respect, then do not cast your pearls before swine. Life is too short to grind axes, and they have chosen their way, so if they will not change for the better, their bitterness will only destroy them, not you!

LAW 12   Build your Book of Life into a strong and peaceful temple,

wherein you can learn to respect yourself and look inside in troubled times, for this is the true center of your universe and where God truly resides and hears you, so make it beautiful and your soul will fly to heaven with delight when its time comes. Because of mankind's nature to explore the unknown, beware of substance abuse like alcohol and drugs that will eventually erode your capability of self control and productivity, which are keys to your well being, for all that is truly needed to be healthy is clean water, nourishing food, good companions, and goals to make your dreams come true.

LAW 13   Be a Pillar of your Community and for the Temple that supports your Book of Life!

When asked to lead do not corrupt yourself with power over others, be a brave soul that leads through example, looking unto all and not yourself only. Know that Tyranny, Injustice and Greed mostly serve those in power, and those who put them in power, for rarely is a clean politician found that serves only the people. A flowery speech full of hope and promises usually promotes a candidate to office, but their record of promises kept will clearly show who they truly work for. Change the political system to fit the needs of the majority and remember a rebel will be born for every injustice. Honor demands change in those who serve. Do this and you will become strong and live a just and fruitful life, returning to your maker with a joyful heart and a life and soul well earned!!

Law 14   Vengeance is mine Sayeth the Lord, no more Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth,

Thou shalt learn to be just with one another, and punishment shall fit the crime!

LAW 15   Do not Put Undue Restrictions and Demands upon the Faithful,

thou shalt know the faithful by their acts and their good deeds and not by how they are dressed or pray, and know that the gates of heaven are open to all the faithful of all religions. The only true temple to the Creator lies within!

LAW 16   Look unto the Welfare of the People,

for they are the body that supports the head and the body is not complete without all it's parts. Learn to organize and demonstrate your concerns upon all the lands of the earth, show that you have a voice and make change where change is necessary to benefit the whole!

LAW 17   Make Education and Medical Relief a foundation to a responsible society that equally gives opportunity and care to all!

A society cannot properly function and advance without making opportunity available and affordable to all, and it cannot care for all it's sick if money is to be gained by suffering. The education and care of every citizen is paramount to an advancing society.

LAW 18   Make Freedom Ring throughout all the lands,

and work to make free education and medical care available to all, which should be a fundamental right of every citizen in any society. A free society needs a free voice, so a national media supported by the people is the only place that all sides of society can have a voice.  A society collects monies in many ways to benefit it's citizens, so make the money work for the good of society and not for the interests of unnecessary wars, and greedy corrupt financiers who only look to their own.

LAW 19   Make Governance by the people for the people

and look to organize political parties with honest politicians who are not influenced by religious factions, and financial institutions with their special interest groups, but work for the goodwill of all society. Know your honest political leaders by the way they keep their promises, and make available new ways to governance that lets the people by majority vote decide on all decisions made by their leaders, so that political parties and governing bodies do not take advantage of their positions, but truly serve the people. Take money out of the equation to influence elections and let all participants for office be given equal and free public air time on media networks that are owned by the people. 

LAW 20   Be merciful upon those who deserve mercy and be charitable with the poor and downtrodden,

for they are the needy and would do the same for you! Remember always to look out for the welfare of the people, for you are not whole without all your parts.

My Lord to thee I give this prayer;

thou art the Creator indeed, for in thy eyes I see the universe and in my soul I feel thy hand. Please keep the gates of heaven open to all good people, no matter their race or religion, until the last deserving faithful returns. Please forgive our stupidity to use your name to glorify our wars and injustices, for we know not what we do, and must be taught the error of our ways. Glory is not found in the killing and maiming of others, but in the advancement of the whole in a better and brighter tomorrow. Guide those who would defend themselves from destruction and mayhem with your goodness, and teach us to help the unfortunate to survive, for we are not whole without all our parts. May I wander with thee always seeking truth and honesty through integrity. For loving thee, shall always be, the good I see in me.

Love Always,