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       Josephs Foundation is the the final project of a lifetime of work dedicated to change and passing on a cleaner vision of the future by seeking the truth in all things. We can not dig ourselves out of the past if we are not willing to make change, and there are a great many things that need change. We have extended laws given in ancient times that began with religion, and we have made it a moral factor not to change these laws. These laws first benefited the Jewish people as described in the Old Testament or the Torah that gave favoritism through usury and slavery unto the Jews. As you explore the past one can see that laws dealing with economic concerns have tended to favor those in power and with money. When you are in power and are given control over the people you have all the resources to propagate and protect your wealth. Successful heartless commerce is really a very simple thing, manipulate, collect, and concentrate wealth. But if you're not careful in how you manage your great wealth as the past has shown us, even great civilizations like the Roman Empire can crumble under their greed and over expansion. There has never been an empire that has lasted the test of time nor will the already over extended imperialist force of the west today that has incurred a debt of 14 trillion dollars and rapidly growing more. All empires eventually are unsustainable. So why do we pursue this road to self destruction? The answer lies in our hijacked democratic structure. Today we have added the corporate state, that has even seen fit, with help by the Supreme Court, to have itself declared a person under law equal to all other persons of the society. You can see how money flows if it is tended only by the few and the majority of the worlds wealth is concentrated in 1% of the population. The greed and manipulations of the few is destroying the capability of the majority to have the things necessary to advance a whole society. There is a better way to distribute wealth that gives all of society the fundamental benefits of a free education system for all citizens, accessible and affordable health care and retirement for all, and a job system that is built to sustain the whole society and not just a few. We must forge new nations upon the earth that are dedicated to cleaner and more inclusive open democracies for the people that cannot be hijacked by the rich and powerful and their corporations, and are sustained by truth, justice and equality for all!

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       Here in the beautiful Sonoran desert lies a wondrous sacred canyon teeming with wildlife amid sheer canyon walls with plenty of water and solitude for generations of free thinkers, artisans, and academia to come live, visit and collaborate. Brother Raven wakes me up in the morning cackling about all manner of things whilst his smaller brother the Gila Woodpecker, I call the Buddha bird, clangs on everything that will make a noise to hurry me up. Work to do, work to do, they remind me, but while I always listen, I will not be hurried for quality takes time and a good cup of coffee helps the blood circulate through these old bones. Wisdom does not come from running around willy-nilly scattered in all directions, but from listening and paying attention to details, and a healthy old age is not the folly of a misspent youth, but the collections of little scraps of wisdom garnered from trial and error over and over again. There is more than 100 sq. miles of open high desert to roam around in, with hidden water holes and old ruins scattered about. I Joseph have built the infrastructure for a safe haven here in the desert to one day hold a community of two hundred people and with the expansion of the ideal we can make a difference. The Joseph Foundation offers a place to contemplate and share ideas, while working out some of life's problems, but it's goal is to collect talented dedicated people who share a common goal to help change the world for the future and help give meaning to their lives. People need goals and dreams to have purpose and to feel they can make a difference in an out of control world. With meaning and purpose in their lives people can adjust to a world without dependence on drugs or alcohol to alleviate the sad moments and get lost in altered states of being. Because we are not whole without all our parts, the refrain "no man is an island" is true because humanity is a community of individualistic parts that must contribute to the whole in order to survive and evolve. We can not hope to engage the world if we don't put our collective thoughts together by conversing with and including all the parts necessary to make meaningful change. We are the dominant species that has emerged from the past to control and use all the resources on earth. One of the problems has become wealth which has been earned by a community of workers has not gone in just proportion to benefit the workers and society as a whole, but instead has mostly gone to enterprises that are capitalized by corporations and individuals. Our society is broken because we do not look after the welfare of our fellow human beings, instead the world has become a dog eat dog world in which the top dog dominates, kind of reminds you of our evolution to this point. This cycle from the past must be broken if we are to use all our parts and resources and move forward as a collective whole. Foundations of great wealth have been formed by very caring and concerned parties to fund a great variety of human interests and fields of study in medicine and science, but hardly is a foundation founded that promotes people more than funds.

       As we seek to understand our future, we must learn to change our present in order to evolve from our past. I know there are a many good people in the world today that are conscious of humanities faults and many problems and have their own platforms from which to work, so I wish to add this foundation that I am creating to stand alongside the worthy efforts of the wonderful people from all walks of life who are giving their all to making changes in the corrupting societies that a few people have been able to perpetuate to their own advantage. One way is by exposing the hidden truths in the halls of governments and their many supporting agencies, in the many boardrooms of the untold numbers of unscrupulous and greedy corporations, in the offices of the lobbyists that buy influence for the ever growing military industrial complex and its revolving doors through the promotion of war and the sale of armaments the world over, and those that promote unclean energy at the cost of the world's health and the unsustainable level of over fishing and hunting species to the point of extermination throughout the world. The human species has almost lost the ability to revere the world that nourishes them. There are hardly any moral contracts given to the physical universe in which we live, for we have come to live by the outright exploitation of its resources and given such contracts to God for our behavior. God is the goodness that lives with inside of us and so it is our responsibility to reach for the best part of all of us to make the changes necessary for the harmony of the universe and our goodwill to others. Our welfare lies in each other and we must break the chains of greed that binds us to a fate of self annihilation if we are to survive. Josephs Foundation is a dream for all humanity that is being built by the efforts of one person up to this moment but will die without the help of others. My days upon this earth are growing fewer and I have much to complete before I go, so I am looking for the next generation of unselfish people who are like minded and wish to effect change over time that will eventually restore harmony and guide the human species through the possible next stage of evolution. If you are interested in helping, contact me at this website or mail me a letter to: 6090 E. Castle Hot Springs East Rd., Morristown, Az. 85342 in the name of Joseph or Josephs Foundation. AMEN