A New Dawning of Religion

In the annals of religious history never has the namesake of a major religion ever wrote their own story in their own hands, the history has always been written by others such as scribes or theistic scholars or witnesses. With so many people interpreting what was meant by these prophets it is no wonder we have taken so much out of context what was really intended and molded it to fit a desired result. To put restrictions on how a good person must demonstrate their faith daily is to control their lives, and there have been reasons for this control, apart from the collections. When a religion declares that their prophet is the only true son of God and only through him shall you obtain salvation, then in reality they are placing full control on the very gates of heaven. This has been an ever on going process since the dawn of civilization in which the progress of humanity has always been shadowed by religion, and there have been many revelations about the nature of man and his inability to control his own destiny. When religion cannot explain to an inquiring mind why something is so, it uses faith to coerce us into accepting the revelations and teachings of the heirarachy of the church. Humanity has grownup in the last two milleniums and has rebelled many times against this heirarchy and for many good reasons. When a moment of truth lights a fire of indignation, it can only be put out when change is inacted. This change has led to new religions and many new branches of old religions, as we have come to realize that the old way does not accept change readily and is reluctant to make room for the new. Now a new dawn is upon us and people are clamoring all over the world for the truth as never before, and so we must accept this challenge to authority and find this truth out for ourselves and make the changes necessary to become truly enlightened and self fulfilling. The Gates of Heaven are open to all good people of all religions and acceptance is granted by the Creator only.

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Even before the dawning of civilization, mankind gazed upon the stars and felt wonder at the mystery above. Why did the night sky not fall down upon them, and why did some stars twinkle and the moon passed every night overhead in one shape and a week later another? Since we could not explain why things were so, we gave names to the most powerful objects that controlled our daily lives and caused us to wonder, and we gave them responsibilities. Polytheistic deities came to rule the unexplained actions of a physical universe and a sometime violent and ever changing planet, and people were chosen to explain why these deities did so. These shaman of old were very powerful and highly respected, for not everyone could communicate with the Gods. Shaman became insightful because they were given the opportunity and time to study the natural events like rain and the seasons passage, but became inventive to the cause of earthquakes or volcanoes, and other disasters that did not happen in timely fashion. They were not always content with their world because they could not always count on a daily food supply, so after thousands of years and much travel they learned the cultivation of plants and were able to finally settle in one location with plenty of good water and rich earth, and devote more time to wonder the mysteries of the universe. It is believed the first civilization was born in Mesopotamia, the land between rivers, in which agriculture and the city state evolved. From this place populations of people sprung up all around the area and trade ensued with new languages evolving and textual mediums created to record what was said, or what had passed. In ancient Egypt monotheism evolved out of the cult of Ra the Sun God, who was also called Aten the Great Disc that illuminated the world of the living and the dead, by the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV and Pharaoh was the son of Aten. Pharaoh was now the living god of the one god Aten. Many ancient civilizations believed their rulers to be living Gods descended from the heavens to rule here upon earth. But as with all living gods their days on earth are numbered, and so it was with Amenhotep. Due to the economic collapse of the rule of this Pharaoh, the next Pharaoh returned to the worship of the Sun God cult of Ra. In the olden days Gods were not looked upon favorably if their rule resulted in the collapse of the state.

As time passed and polytheism reigned supreme, monotheism was rekindled with the Jews and their Tanakh, a biblical testament to creation and their God Yahweh, and the chronological order of their heritage and history. Through their patriarch Abraham, who was said to be born in Ur of the Chaldees, which was in ancient Mesopotamia and now is modern day Iraq, a remarkable individual called Abram grew up challenging the faith of his father who was a merchant of idols, and not being able to change his fathers views he set out upon the world to learn the truth for himself. Abram believed that creation of all he knew was only possible from a singular event from one moment in time thus there must only be one god who created everything. This rebel Abram founded most of modern day religion and would be called Abraham the father of many. He is celebrated today as the founding patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Jewish scholars portrayed Yahweh as a jealous god chosen unto the Jews who would not tolerate the worship of others. Thus they created a champion for their people and favoritism was the natural course of development. Through Moses the Jews would write down their heritage and relationship with their chosen God Yahweh beginning in the books of Law called the Torah. The Jews became the first religious body to write laws into their biblical record that effectively sanctioned slavery and usury, one in which two different circumstances could be enacted, one for the Jew and one for everyone else. What should have been a law inspired by the one God loving all children of humanity instead became a God enamored only in the selected people the Jews. This is where the persecution of the Jews started when they decided to make their god a jealous god unto themselves and write laws that were not universal. The world, even in ancient times, does not tolerate exclusion and justice is only truly served when all are treated equally.

Because of strict Jewish laws that did not aptly cover emergencies and many other things another rebel was born to confront Judaism and some of its inflexible and unjust laws. For example, if a family had their only milk cow drowning in a swamp on a Saturday, a day in which all work of any kind was prohibited because this day was given unto God only, then come Sunday you would have meat for the table, but not milk for the baby. What does it suffer a man to lose his only source of nourishment, when God is not so trivial as to demand all your attention for one day, when in reality a good man shows his devotion everyday. Jesus Christ saw the truth in this reality and formed his own congregation, much as his ancestor Abraham had did in the old days. Jesus was a remarkable man, a prophet and a leader who set about making things right, and simply told his followers that he was the light unto his father. Jesus knew that he was not the only child of the Creator, that we are all part of creation, but through his example of life he wished to inspire others to be as good. Most christian faiths belief that you cannot be saved without accepting Jesus Christ, thus they declare that the gates of heaven are closed to all that don't accept Christ as their savior. Where do all the other good and righteous people go to, and how must they feel when Christians speak so? Only the Creator of Heaven and Earth has the right to close the gates to salvation! Religions seldom talk to their congregations, for they are prone to preaching and little listening. Again we see these authors these witnesses to Jesus's life interpreting what they saw and heard, but just how accurate can you be when you write about something years after it happened and very little is collaborated or truly understood. Jesus spoke in parables in order to illustrate the validity of his thoughts to the masses, but spoke to his disciples directly. Why speak to some people differently than those who believe in you? Because they are not family until they have been converted. Conversion in the name of one man does not mean acceptance by God, but rather acceptance by the man. To truly be converted to goodness which is God the Creator you must do this yourself, for it is your responsibility alone and only in the Creator can you ask for forgiveness. We must understand what was happening during these ages to better reflect what was intended by this wonderful man who looked out for the welfare of the sick, poor, and hungry. Even the wronged people of the Jewish faith called out for justice and there was one champion above the rest who preached non violence they could turn to. Jesus was this champion of the people, a people thirsting for a better way in which many miracles were said to be performed and attributed to the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ became the first miracle maker other than God to champion the cause of injustice. We can not know of these miracles because their evidence has never truly been found or quantified, and throughout history religious factions of all types have sought to justify these miracles. The real miracle of Jesus was his rebellious nature to not only fight against injustice even to the end of his life, but to become the catalyst of change that was necessary to break the grip on the oppressed and offer hope to the future. The sadness of the Jesus effect is the growth of the cottage industry of miracle making as found through evangelism. Do we really need miracles to believe in the goodness of humanity as given to us by our Creator?

Many structured religions believe that a person must be guided in order to obtain salvation or enlightenment, that the person cannot do this on their own is in reality contrary to the gift and responsibility of life. As each age of man's enlightenment dawned, man's understanding of the philosophy of religion was remade. In many cases religious fervor took to the streets, and miracles were said to be performed throughout the land, and so it is today. In many places religion has become an industry with televangelists performing miracles daily to an audience of gullible people wanting to see these miracles, and the donations keep filling the pockets of these charismatic speakers. Every good showman has a way to stack the deck with miracles, and prayers sent on their behalf only cost a few dollars, so why not relieve your burdens on a sham artist? "Why not," is a phrase often used by sheepish people that have lost the ability to think for themselves, and their hard earned dollars only go to perpetuate the continual existence of these evangelistic leaders and the source of their richness. You only have to look at how they dress and the amount of resources they collect to understand their true purpose. Deception comes in many forms, and it is truly a disgrace to prey upon the weaknesses of others. The life we live on this earth is a struggle for most of us and with our busy schedules we never seem to have the time to find the solutions for ourselves, instead we become sheep that need guidance, and the shepherds rake in the dough. Most of us would rather be entertained than become responsible solutions to an ever hostile world. When we are lost in our own misery, we lose the ability to arise above our suffering and refuse to come to terms with our ailments, but hope is not lost if we actively search for a solution ourselves, for many a cure has been found by the needy. It is staggering to think about the masses of good intentional persons becoming the collective voting block for political parties whose promises to the shepherds are hijacking our goodwill to serve their political gain. This is tantamount to a worldwide brain drain. It is as if all the computers of the world would stop functioning and become instead input devices only. What is the world coming to when we ask others to think for us?

"Oh my Lord and Creator, help me to see thy ways," would have been a prayer by both Muhammad and Jesus. The difference between the two prophets was Jesus stated he was the way and Muhammad stated he was the messenger. Islam came about during the 6th century after Christ's emergence and its prophet was Muhammad. Seeing the split of the sons of Abraham, one unto the tribes of the Israelites, the other unto the deserts and tribes of the Bedouins, Muhammad felt the disconnect and loss of his people. In isolation and solitude, much like his predecessor Jesus, Muhammad learned to wander why things were so and came to meditate and reflect upon his meditations. This man of God saw a corrupting of the original teachings of the Abrahamic faith, and went up unto a small cave to think upon his thoughts and there saw a need to restore the original intentions of the the old testament of the Jews. He saw his people the nomadic Bedouins which were formed of different tribes all over the Middle East worshiping idols as well as Allah the one God. So another rebel was now born, this time to correct the fault of Abraham and Sarah in abandoning his son Ishmael, by the bondwoman Hagar, unto the wilds because of the miraculous birth of Issac by his wife Sarah. Muhammad saw the Judaic faith being corrupted since Abraham, and the Christian worship of Jesus Christ as the son of God as falsehoods that needed correcting and would give unto his people a new and more strict faith in the one God and Creator Allah. While meditating in the small cave by Mecca Muhammad was said to have received his visions through the angel Gabriel, who grasped the unwilling Muhammad and forced him to recite the passages that would become the Koran, the holy book of Islam. The followers of Muhammad would write down his sayings upon things that were available and after his death Arabic scholars collected them into an official version of the Koran. His followers attributed many miracles unto Muhammad, as Jesus had been done also, but Islam has not tolerated the commercialization of Muhammad and miracles like Christians have allowed done to Jesus. Instead they have enacted many strict rules to oversee the faithful and their prayers. The rules that govern piety are not of the Creator but of the clergy, as Christians have done also but in a more limited capacity. God has no use for these rules, as the good among the faithful demonstrate their goodness through their actions each and every day, and thus the Creator knows them and not their rituals. The killing and destruction done in the name of Allah to right injustices is not sanctioned by God the Creator, nor is the killing by Christians to promote their theological views, and those who do it will not be pardoned by the Almighty, for God is of goodness and knows the pen is mightier than the sword.

There are new faiths that have sprung up in the recent past like Mormonism that was created by the practiced soothsayer Joseph Smith during his periods of enlightenment and written down by his scribe. There are stories of a Golden Book of divinity and a meeting with the angel Gabriel. A past was revealed to the charismatic Smith that told of the story of a fair skinned people called the Nephites the good believers and the Lamanites that so scorned God that their white skin was turned black so all would know their inequality before God. Would God truly punish the black race and all the good people thereof for the bad actions of a white denomination? Are we not all the children of God? Does God show favoritism through color of skin? I say not, for the Lord my Creator loves all the children of the rainbow and of creation and would not favor one more than another. God only looks unto the good individuals and their souls and has no need of races or groups of people, for God the Almighty truly knows the soul has no color and is transparent as the clearest body of water on a calm day. The Mormon people in general are a good people hardworking, free of chemical abuses, and a very loving and caring family orientation. Why would such good people accept a lie perpetrated by their founder Joseph Smith who was a man living in a time of accepted slavery and was clearly influenced by his time? The answer lays in the clergy and hierarchy of their church and their inability to speak the truth, because it would damn the entire Book of Mormon. I believe one day they will find a champion who will admit the falsehoods of the past and put them onto the road to enlightenment and truth. This is the future that all people must accept who wish to continue and evolve. Sometimes we stumble backwards in our attempts to control the story of life and devotion, hopefully we will continue to go forward as more enlightened people step forward. Now is the time to write our own history and show what is really needed is a cleaner and more just society that recognizes a good soul simply by the way they act. God moves in mysterious ways and through whom is chosen. Who will be the next Truthseeker to stand up for the future?