The Pathway to Discovery

Wherein lies positive direction is the path we seek. We see the path that is narrow to begin with because of our limited experience, but gradually the path becomes a road stretching out into what seems infinity, because the longer we stay on it the wider and easier it is to walk. We are honor bound to not stray from the path, because our destination lies at the end of the road and not down several of the side roads and shortcuts. Remember always, we are not perfect, nor were we meant to be, that gives the pathway to our salvation the meaningful discovery of self and the goodness that lies within your soul. Patience is a virtue one must never overlook, for with patience one can attain the highest plateaus of existence. Think of your Book of Life as a temple of patience built within the most idyllic scenery that you can imagine in which you would feel completely comfortable, one without distractions, that has the most calming effect upon you. Now imagine the pathway you seek runs directly under your temple, and as long as you stay on the pathway, whenever you get tired of walking you can rest in the temple among your favorite scenery. The goal is to remain on the pathway until you reach life's end, while acquiring all the good disciplines that you need to fill your soul's Book of Life. You may stumble now and then and lose your direction down an alleyway of grief or misfortune, but the goal is to get back up and find the straight path again, if necessary, over and over again until you learn to stay on the road. You may think of this life as a trial sometimes, and in many ways it is, for the Creator is only looking for good souls that endure, and that are truly tested. I will now introduce you to the good disciplines you will acquire along the path of life.

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The 1st discipline is Equality,and we are all equal because we are all human. I am the son of man and woman, and they are the sons and daughters of God the Creator just as I am. It is in equality that we must all strive first in order to go forward. Our Lord and Creator gave unto us the colors of the rainbow and it is in these beautiful colors our wondrous diversity is found. We each wear a skin of color that insures us of certain traits and genes and we have the ability to share these with other colors. We each have something to contribute to the whole. No one human being is superior to the other simply because they might be male, white, privileged, or sanctified to be so. Money may buy you a better house, more desired land, or even send your children to a better school, but it will not necessarily buy you better health, only a mixing of different races ensures a healthier gene pool for all. Though we may have different shades of skin, we are still built the same inside, but because our different habitats have caused us to develop different immunities to diseases, in the past we have nearly wiped out many different races and cultures mostly because we have not been able or wanting to share those same immunites. We are all part of a vast gene pool called the human race and the truth is we are not whole without all our parts. We will only be a more healthy species when we learn to share our differences, for it will be found that one has a cure for the other. The Lord looks upon a child of many colors with a smile, for the Lord knows we will never be at peace until we reconcile our differences, and strengthen our species through love and cooperation. When we see large prehistoric dinosaur bones that have empirical evidence of being millions of years old, we can believe in the truth that is at hand. So believe with all your heart and soul that we need to make a difference and not just be another collection of bones scattered upon the earth. Teach your children well for as they grow up exploring their young worlds, if they see truth in what they are taught, then will more justly accept of it. Learn to treat your fellow woman as you would treat yourself with respect and KNOW that they are your Equal. Women have different needs then men at times, so let them determine what they need to survive and flourish, and they will respect and honor you for it! Each person has the God given right to determine how they will live!

The 2nd discipline one must learn is Respect and Responsibility. If you would make a strong temple, you better make a good foundation first, for without that no structure will last long. You must learn to respect yourself and know what it means to be respectful. Respect is not given, it must be earned. When you are given a task to do, do it to the best of your ability. When you say your going to do something, Do It, that way people will always know you by your word. Your word is the strongest bond you'll ever have with others, and is your sacred bond with your Creator, so keep your word for you are only as good as your word. Stand tall when others bend in the breeze and speak straight when those around you speak in circles. Learn not to lie, so that people will believe your words. When you borrow money or other things return the money and things right away, don't wait and go buy yourself something else, because the people you borrowed from are waiting upon you to do the right thing, and the faster you do it the more respect you earn. Don't borrow anything if you cannot afford to pay it back! When you agree to be somewhere at a certain time, don't be late, because people depend upon you to be there on time. Remember the early bird gets the worm! These things also give you Responsibility.Being responsible has its rewards, and some drawbacks, like maybe having to sacrifice doing something for or with somebody because you promised to do something else first, so THINK ahead when you promise somebody something and if necessary add conditions, so that you can keep that promise. While it hurts to watch someone who cheats life and seems to get away with all manners of bad things and always takes the shortcuts, remember theirs is a short and crooked life and yours is straight and everlasting for you are building a good and lasting soul. If you would respect yourself, then treat other people like you would treat yourself. You can tell an ugly person by the way they treat other people with abusive language, bullying them, and abusing them, this person uses fear as a tactic to have control over them. Respect is gained with good deeds and not strong armed tactics, and the ugly person always lives with the fear that people will treat him the same way one day. Always try to do the right thing, because when you cheat at something, you usually cheat others also, and you especially cheat yourself. I make mistakes in life, everybody does, for it is part of the learning process of life. The difference between a good and bad person is one chooses to correct those mistakes and the other does not. A good soul is one that is not only repentant and asks forgiveness, but then chooses to correct the wrong and keep it corrected. Make a habit of always doing the right thing, and respect will be earned. Give respect where respect is due. Respect the good Mother and Father, for they love you and would willing die for you. Remember the old saying, "birds of a feather flock together", so be careful how you pick friends, and don't let them dictate to you how to live. You must be very Strong Willed in order to withstand the many ill winds that blow your way, so open eyes and clear thoughts can help steer you away from a bad situation.

The 3rd discipline is called Truthfulness, so learn to tell the truth and you won't be caught in a lie. When you speak the truth and another lies, those who are witness to the truth know who is lying and who is speaking the truth, therefore learn to speak the truth, and the witness and victim should admire and respect you for your honesty and honor you, as well as others will also. When we were young many of us told lies to evade the dreadful punishment of the belt, or were restricted to our rooms which became our cells. Discovering how empty we felt inside because we couldn't do the right thing, is a despair that can turn to resentment and crushing defeat, or become the opportunity to change the way we were and make our life better. If given a choice, most of us would become determined to do the right thing and take the punishment for the lesson it was intended to be. Circumstances can sometimes lead to self preservation, but after the fatal moment, one must ask forgiveness and quit hiding in the corner, and jump back upon the pathway of truth. So when people like elders can't answer your questions and tell you to have faith only, do not believe them, for they know not the truth or wish to cover-up a lie, instead continue to search for the truth yourself with an open heart, and you will discover it and yourself. Truth can be hidden or be right in front of you, but when you find it, Truth is Like a Blinding Light in which you see no darkness. There are no dark corners, because the truth can't hide anymore, and the truth will set you free!

The 4th discipline is to seek Knowledge. If we are to discover the secrets of the Universe, then we must Learn at all opportunities that are given. Knowledge can be a good or bad power depending upon how you use it. Knowledge gives us the power to enrich our lives, and explore new realms of possibilities. Do not use it carelessly, for when we step on others to benefit ourselves, the whole generally suffers, and the singular will be watched and mistrusted, and will ultimately suffer itself in the end. Learn to think as we and not just I. Share your knowledge with others, so that they may share it with others, while always being aware of those who would corrupt this knowledge. Knowledge can be like a network of computers all working together and sharing resources, in which the cumulative power of the many can vastly outwork the one. Greed destroys the network, and power that serves this greed can never be trusted, so put safeguards in place that will find the viruses and clearly show the actions of the greedy. Knowledge lets you open your eyes to the pathway to discovery, so do not fear it but instead embrace it as you would somebody you love dearly. When we discover that some of the knowledge we develop may actually hurt us because we can't control all of its consequences, then set this knowledge aside for further discovery until the time comes when we can fully understand it. Knowledge is the discovery of truth in all its aspects. Human kind will reach the distant stars through knowledge and discovery of the truth in all things, but only with the goodwill and support of the people. Remember we are not whole without all our parts.

The 5th discipline is Charity, which lets us all feel good and whole when we help others who can't help themselves. We feel whole because we are helping the many in need and not just the few. Charity should not be given to those who do not deserve it, and would dilute its great value by doing so. Help the mother abandoned by the roadside to care for her children. When people steal from the poor and hungry to enrich themselves, they shall be considered vermin and dealt with as such. While we must remain strong in order to preserve the continuance of humanity, we would lose our humanity if we did not do everything possible to accept of and help those who are different and unfortunate. We may not be able to see what value they have immediately, but their gratitude may save us one day. Do not destroy a bridge you may need to cross over another day! Charity helps the suffering and with it a good soul will become stronger, while also helping to heal itself and others. Tears that fall down from heaven because of these charitable acts, will become like shining drops of rain waiting for the all encompassing arc of a beautiful rainbow with its living colors showing that we are not whole without all our parts, so find a way to help those in great need and those who seek the truth in all things! The pathway to salvation relies upon your charity, and makes you humble while making you strong. The good soul will find the way to salvation and need not beg for it, for it will not be given, it must be earned!

The 6th discipline is to learn to Evolve, which is to accept change when necessary in order to be better, stronger, and healthier. Good change is the ability to adapt to and preserve a healthy environment. When your body and mind are weak because of your abuses, take a break so that you can see the light, or much better quit these abuses for it is near impossible to control them. Determine to become better and you will learn to rise above the storm that is tearing your life apart, and you will learn to take control of your life. When you are in control of your life, you are like a master of a ship in which the ability to change course is in your hands alone. You feel like you can do no wrong because you are doing all the right things, and the euphoria of life is overwhelming. But human nature has a great fondness for exploring the unknown, and so we naturally become willing victims of some things or substances that make us fell good or euphoric by making our dopamines fire excessively. When we hurt in life we also seek substances that make us feel better and though doctors do their best to alleviate suffering and pain, they usually are not trained or have time to fully diagnose the underlying cause, thus they merely subscribe a generic substance to relieve the local pain. If the substance does not help you become better in order to alleviate or cure the chronic pain that cripples your life, or neurons that don't fire right or at all, then seek change that will help you overcome these things. Being always sedated is like being numb without much feeling or thought, and akin to giving up on life. We must always be aware of our weak side that makes us become dependent upon things that in the long run destroys our health and well being. That is why change is so crucial to survival and well being, and the future will find that intelligent evolution will play a major role in humanity's survival. Evolution is not only the key to the future, but the catalyst for today's world as well. We must study what has gone before and make the correct changes to steer us to a better future. We must also learn to do our part in changing how the world and local politics, economics, and religions control and influence us. We must open our eyes to how media can be slanted, regulations can be changed or eased, and how religious dogma can be interpreted, mostly to favor those in power and finance. To be a Rebel like Jesus, Mohammad, Gandhi, Martin Luther, or any person fighting against the status quo that does not benefit all of civilization, the change that benefits the many and not the few is a noble and good thing, and should be emulated.

This pathway to discovery is the path of light and truth, and the temple is your soul wherein resides your Lord the Creator. All these disciplines put together will make you very strong and yet humble, while instilling in you Integrity that will be the beacon for others to believe in you as well as yourself. What route you take to salvation depends upon you, and the goodness of the Lord will help you if only you ask. Learn these disciplines and mold them into your temple and they will be written down in your Book of Life. It is in our imperfection that we find the keys to unlock our potential and help guide the next generation to advance the causes that will uplift our condition, correct the unbalances of the world, and learn to live in harmony. So when you see a lie correct it, don't let a lie reign over you. Life is too short to hide in fear, come forth and join forces with a new world order built upon truth. The truth shall set you free, and the powers of heaven will cause you to soar!