The Book of Life

The Book of Life

My Name is Joseph. I am a seeker of truth. I am the same as those who have gone before me, a person of my time. Each of those who went before me saw the errors of their time and gave their life's work to correct it and so shall I do with mine. I am not perfect! It was not meant for us to be perfect, for in our imperfection lies the keys to our existence. We exist to perfect our souls while learning the secrets of our universe. There has never been a more spiritually perfect human being than an innocent child at the moment of birth, wherein begins the existence of its soul and the record of its Book of Life contained therein. The Book of Life is the vessel for the Soul in which can be found the Creator in all the hope and goodness that springs forward when called upon and also a record of our misdeeds that wreck our lives and others and cause us to fall from grace, for we will be judged if we are to enter a realm of goodness and further discovery of the mysteries and wonders of God's creation. Remember always, we all are the children of the Creator, and we are not perfect, nor were we ever meant to be perfect, only the Creator is perfect!

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We are not given to know the nature of the Creator, only of the bountiful gifts of the creation, which is this physical universe that we inhabit and the character of our souls. We are given the care and responsibility of the universe and to preserve and nurture all good things around us and in us. From the beginning of time in our universe, there has only been one moment of creation by the Creator, and the universe thereafter propagating itself throughout time and the many galaxies and nebulae that comprise our universe. Live has evolved from that moment to this very time. God Almighty lives within us through the soul and thus we know goodness, whereas evolution is our key to survival and discovery of the universe. It is not God's fault or design for the everyday things that happen to us, because God waits for us in the hereafter and has given the universe up to its own care. Life can be beautiful, if we are responsible and fortunate to make it so, and life can be cruel if we make it so, or catastrophic elements work against our designs. As we look into our past we can better understand and develop our future. If we are to know where we are going we must understand where we have been. What follows is a vision given to me by the Creator.

IN the beginning the Creator formed the universe from a mighty loft in heaven with a great burst of melodic sound that resonated upon itself in the void of space, causing a chain reaction of explosive energy expanding exponentially, and unseen dimensions folded upon themselves in strings to knit the fabric of space together, thus creating the first physics and the rhythm of our universe. The most radiant burst of light ever seen from this initial explosion, sent forth a mixture of particles and gases that collected together in a slow coagulating process through gravitational pull over millions of years growing into huge masses of matter that caused their cores to get denser and denser, and the friction within creating temperatures rising into millions of degrees, until suddenly a nuclear fission was reached by fusing their hydrogen gases to form helium gases and massive amounts of energy in the nuclear cycle. Finally after millions of years more, the mass of the newly forming star was sufficient to create a bi polar reaction to form a giant burst of energy enough to blow away all material around it, and a sun was born creating the energy to power a new solar system and causing all its planets to swirl in orbits around itself. Oh how wondrous were the skies that formed with each new star that arrived. And the Lord looked around and knew the creation would continue to grow and expand and fully sustain itself to the end of time. These stars and their planets collected into Nebulae, which became the cradles for the formation and birth of many clusters of stars and planets, going through their stages of developments, burning up their fuel resources, sometimes becoming Supernova lighting up the celestial night in all directions, eventually decaying and forming more debris of star dust over and over again. All life would be made up of this very same star dust that was first formed billions of years ago by the Almighty Creator, as well as all inorganic material in our universe today. Galaxies were formed from these Nebulae, and matter and antimatter were in a constant struggle of bombardment and chaos as are particles and antiparticles, which could even cause a galaxy to explode creating a new galaxy and a powerful Quasar formed around a super massive blackhole sucking down entire stars. Hypernovae would also explode from the most massive unstable stars creating more black holes that sucked all material close by down their funneled throats to unseen destinies, maybe inside and outside our universe. A star may die and yet another is born, space may fold in one place and then unfold in another, time may go around and then bite its own tail, and the circle may go on and on. The Universe may be like this circle, where the beginning becomes the end and the end the beginning. However, the song that was sung at the beginning can be unsung, and space and time can unravel and our universe can be lost. And God the Creator knew that as time passed and things cooled down life would be formed.

The Almighty looked upon this creation with goodness and satisfaction, resolving that through evolution all life that would evolve to the point of questioning their existence would be given a soul and the opportunity to return to the beginning of time and the Creators presence. God desired that only the good souls would be given the eternal guardianship of the universe. Because the Creator fitted these individual souls to a consciousness that weighs the right and wrong consequences of each and every action taken, a record is kept in the Book of Life found inside each soul that will be judged for its goodness at the end of physical life and after its passage from this universe to the gates of heaven, wherein it will be judged by the Creator only. Do not pray in the names of others for your salvation, for God manifested salvation is your responsibility only and everybody must stand on their own merits. God judges only the individual and knows that for every good person there are many who are not. Heaven does not collect faiths nor populations, only good souls that can endure the test of time, so pray in your own name and God will hear you, because the soul is eternal and a creation of the Creator, who is eternal until the end of time as only the Creator knows.

The Book of Life is an original manuscript written by me Joseph to enlighten all humans, and any other sentient life that may evolve, to a greater understanding of creation and the Creator and the necessary evolutionary process that must happen to make it possible. Life as we know it in the 21st century of the christian calendar has become a technical marvel in which our ability to compute and analyse doubles so rapidly that we barely get used to one thing before another replaces it. Even the poorest of us seem to find a way to acquire a new communications device in our thirst to talk to each other and find out what is happening in the world. We all seem to want to be informed and the news messages we usually get are guided by others to blind us to the reality of what is really happening. Most of us have lost the ability to think for ourselves. I have been fortunate to have isolated and insulated myself to a degree necessary to listen to the pulse of this world and feel the goodness of the Creator inside me helping to guide me through all the confusion. The gift of clarity that lifted the blindness of the veil shrouding the truth with the help of time let me see through all the possibilities given and those that could be. My visions are a gift of God brought to me through my dreams. There have been no miracles of visitations by angels or demons, nor God, or other messengers in the physical sense, but there have been faces of such in my dreams and have felt their presence. My writings are not of miracles as in olden days, which were most probably needed to inspire the unbelievers, but of the miracle of life itself and the realization that each of us are connected to God the Creator through his gift our soul. I believe that the time is fast approaching when miracles will no longer be needed for you will find the Creator and his goodness inside of you, and you will look for the truth and know what is right and wrong. Perhaps if we are given enough time we will win the future, if the light that shines within all of us will bring us together in responsibility and truth to learn to cooperate together in order to steer the course of our evolution. Remember always we are not whole without all our parts and if we are to keep the goodness alive inside us we must keep God's Covenants.