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Tyranny and Injustice with few exceptions, have been the hallmarks of power; let us change these things and show leadership as a means to feed the whole body and not just the mouth. I have seen the future and it has two faces; one of despair and suffering, and the other of hope and truth, but because the head turns constantly searching for order, I know not which face will follow the sun, to shine forth in glory or melt into oblivion. Now is the time to change the course of our evolution and history in order to be a powerful beacon of light and hope to all humanity, shining the way to a better and brighter future. Now is the time to change our world and civilization as it has never been done before! When might does not make right and injustice prevails throughout the land, the people will arise to take back control of their lives. When society is built to serve the privileged and the poor crowd the streets and starvation builds tent cities, food becomes costly and life is not worth much where the laws serve special interests more than the citizen, is it not time for change? War is not the only course open to humanity! I believe a fundamental shift in values politically, economically, and spiritually will change the future and is the only good choice we have. Many years ago I swore my oath to the Creator that I would do my part to affect this change, for a world that allows only a tiny fraction to control virtually all the riches and resources only looks to itself.

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It is time for a Fellowship of Truth Seekers to shed light on this most desperately needed change. A time to plan and organize a great quest capable enough to lift the veil of ignorance purposely erected to keep us blind and ignorant of the true facts that are destroying our ability to survive as a whole. As the fog lifts to the sky when the temperature rises, so will the people when confusion sets the land and truth through knowledge exposes the hot air and deceit. Might does not make right when it does not serve a better purpose, for the ability to rule over others is intolerable when it benefits those in power more than the people it should serve. I say to you, "what future is there when the human species stagnates due to the rot of excessive greed and corruption?" Society becomes numb and unresponsive when it is continually fed a diet of lies and secrets are kept behind closed doors by those who should represent the interests of the people. When the news medias are being run and edited by corporate or state owners, freedom of the press is handicapped and news is slanted to view the owners interest, and only truly free news medias like Link TV supported solely by the people can tell all of the truth. In almost all forms of government today the bodies we elect to govern are being manipulated by special interest groups and those in power to favor and maintain their status quo. The evidence can be seen in some countries by the sheer amount of money needed to promote and influence elections, and in others by their ruling parties sufferance for the privileged and to maintain their own privilege. The world leaders are scared to give control of government directly to the people, to let the people vote on all the issues in an open forum, because they would not be able to control the outcome. History generally shows that when you are elected by the party you serve the party, when you are elected by money you serve money, and when you are elected by the people you serve the people. I believe there would be no more wars if the people were given the opportunity to listen to all sides of an argument and view all the evidence before rushing to judgment, and then a vote was taken in which the majority of the populace was needed to win, because I also believe in the inherent goodwill instilled in all of us. If we did not put the worlds food supply on the market place where moneyed speculators buy futures and control the price of food, but instead give the growers a reasonable price to begin with, then mother nature could deal us some severe blows and we could still give the poor and starving a cheap loaf of bread to eat daily. This is the same thing that is happening with almost all the world's resources. Humans are not ugly and inhumane, it is forced upon us, by those in control who have their own agendas. Thus in order for the world to be a more peaceful and just society, we must change those things that are contributing to world suffering.

As the sun arises a new day is dawning. Now is the time to unify and declare; "no more lies, let the truth ring out in one collective voice, throughout the world wherever good people of conscious reside, lift up your spirits and rejoice for a new attitude towards the truth is being born." I call upon all people of good conscious to arise to the occasion and form a Circle of Fellowship dedicated to seeking the truth in all their endeavors. A Fellowship of Truth Seekers to restore sanity to a world bent upon war and destruction as a means of change. We can begin by forming local fellowships in each country to take on the issues that are most affecting them and find out the truth about what is causing these issues, and why solutions are not being effected. Then we could elect to link to each other and compare our results. I have a feeling that most of the results would be the same, but this could establish a good consensus of how our governments, financiers, and leaders of all kinds of interest groups use the resources of the people to do business. I wish to do my part by building a foundation that will invite and link participants from a fastly growing pool of enlightened people worldwide who need a centralized hub to work out of in order to more fully collaborate together. A Fellowship of Truth Seekers who through their works and activism can begin to effect change and attitudes in politics, economics, and religion. Throughout the world today people are rising up and challenging authority because they see the deterioration of world resources, wars and unrest, displacement and hunger, anger and loss, and also see that just 2%, if that, of the people are controlling 80% or more of total world resources and wealth. It will not be an easy task for a Fellowship of Truth Seekers to bring about a new attitude of change, because there are those who do not want change, who are are quite happy with the way things are and will do anything to keep it that way. This is not a chore for the fainthearted or the uncommitted, but one for brave individuals who will not be silenced even under threat of death. Please reflect upon what I purpose and send me your thoughts, for I believe there are a great many people who do not live with blinders on, and want to make change possible all over the world. I have but one life to live and one soul to send homewards, may they serve me well until I met my maker. AMEN