Links to other Truth Seekers

Name Phone Activity Mailing Address E-Mail
Link Media, Inc 866-485-8848 Truthful Worldwide News Media & Democracy Now with Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez Link Media P.O. Box 2008 San Francisco, Ca. 94126 Website:
Free Speech TV 303-442-8445 Truthful Liberal TV/ Thom Hartmann Program P.O. Box 44099 Denver Colo. 80201 Website:
Bill Moyers Journal 212-201-9021 Honest Political Journalism Public Affairs Television 250 W. 57th St. Suite 718 New York, NY 10107
Julian Assange ???-???-???? WikiLeaks Spokesman Extraordinaire WikiLeaks Box 4080 Australia Post Office-University of MB Victoria, Australia 3052
Daniel Ellsburg ???-???-???? Pentagon Whistleblower Happy 80th Birthday Daniel!!!!
Dennis J. Kucinich 202-225-5871 Honest Representative of the People Representative Dennis J. Kucinich 14400 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Bernie Sanders 202-224-5141 Honest Senator of the People Senator Bernie Sanders 332 Dirkson Building U.S. Senate Washington, D.C. 20510
James Earl Carter Jr. 404-420-5100 39th President of the United Sstates of America He is a Peace Activist and Humanitarian website: President Jimmy Carter The Carter Center One Copenhill 453 Freedom Parkway Atlanta, GA 30307
Naomi Klein 212-209-5400 Author: "The Shock Doctrine/Activist". Columist & Activist The Nation c/o Naomi Klein 33 Irving Place New York NY 10003
Jeremy Scales 212-209-5400 Author: "Blackwater". Investigative Reporter also blogs to twitter & The Nation c/o Jeremy Scahill 33 Irving Place New York NY 10003
Noam Chomsky 617-253-7819 MIT Linguistics Professor/Activist & possibly the greatest irritant to US Foreign Policy. A modern day champion of change. Noam Chomsky MIT Lingusistics and Philosophy 77 Massachusetts Ave. Bldg. 32-D808 Cambridge, MA 02139
Bill Mckibben 510-250-7860 Founder of 350.0rg & Environmental Activist Bill Mckibben c/o Times Books 175 Fifth Ave. New York NY 10010
Phyllis Bennis 202-234-9382 Writer, Analyst, and Activist on Middle East & UN Issues for Institute for Policy Studies 1112 16th Street, NW, Suite 600 Washington DC 20036
Norman G. Finkelstein ???-???-???? Author: "This Time We Went Too Far". Here is a TRUTHFUL and Courageous Israeli activist! A must see documentary: "American Radical, The Trials of Norman Finkelstein". Address: Unknown at present because his website is under attack! website:
Jeff Sharlet 603-646-3993 Author: "The Family". Professor of English & writes about the political Christian Funtamental Conservatives. Jeff Sharlet Dartmouth College Dept. of English 15 Sanborn House Hanover, NH 03755
Frank Schaeffer 617-252-5212 Author: "Crazy for God". Son of evangelist and renowned critic of religious conservatism. Address: Maybe write to publicist: Lissa Warren Da Capo Press 11 Cambridge MA 02142
Helen Caldicott Md 617-650-5048 Author: "Nuclear Madness". She is also a physician and blogs to Address: Maybe write to publisher: Melissa Nguyen The New Press 38 Greene St. New York NY 10013
Michio Kaku 212-650-7000 Theoretical Physicist tenured at CUNY The City College of New York website: and blog at Michio Kaku City College of New York 180 Convent Avenue New York, NY 10031
Richard Wolff 413-545-2921 Professor of Economics Emeritus & Author: Capitalism hits the Fan Richard D. Wolff Dept of Economics Thompson Hall University of Massachusetts Amherst MA 01003 website:
Manere Max-Neff 202-547-9359 Chilean Professor of Ontology, Economist, Environmentalist World Future Council & Author: "From the Outside Looking In", also "Fundamental Human Needs" with Antonio Elizarde & Martin Hopenhayn. Manere Max-Neff World Future Council 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, #302 Washington, DC 20003
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